How to Separate Banana Suckers From a Mother Plant?

Answer Bananas are herbaceous plants originally from Asia that have adapted to other tropical and subtropical regions around the world since ancient times. Their roots grow from underground rhizomes and p... Read More »

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Can two separate families adopt children from a mother who can no longer support her children and wants to relinquish her rights?

ADOPTION THE VERY SIMPLE answer is yes. BUT...there are a lot of buts. If a parent wishes to give up or "relinquish parental rights", the state agency that handlesfoster care, adoptions, temporar... Read More »

How do i remove agave pups from the mother plant?

Remove the PupUse sharp pruning shears (while wearing gloves) to trim off any spines on the pup.Use a knife or your hands to break up any clumps of pups so that you can remove and transplant them o... Read More »

How to Remove Agave Pups from the Mother Plant?

A natural part of the reproductive process of an agave is the growth of offshoots, called pups. To have a healthy, flourishing agave and to encourage growth of the mother plant, you will want to di... Read More »

I bought a pepper plant with three plants in the same pot. Should I separate them when I plant them?

I got two pepper plants in one jiffy pot. What I chose to do was to clip one off so as not to disturb the root system of the other. This is probably the best choice. When transplanting bare root yo... Read More »