How to Send a Torrent to a Friend?

Answer Torrent files are small files pointing to much larger files, or larger sets of files, which exist in identical copies on the computers of multiple users who can be scattered throughout the world. W... Read More »

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Are torrent safe to download am i allowing to copy my data to others by installing torrent?

If you mean torrent software then yes. Your'e not allowing to copy your data unless you share some of it using your torrent software.

How to Send Music to a Friend?

Music is big business on the Internet, from promoting and marketing to selling. You can also share music with your friends by email, uploading and hosting. Sending music over the Internet is easy.

How to Send Wine to a Friend?

Sending wine to a friend can be a bit tricky. Laws vary from state to state and shipping companies only allow certain distributors to ship wine legally. The United States post office strictly prohi... Read More »

Did my friend request send on facebook?

If "Add friend" shows when you visit his/her profile, then you didn't send a friend request.