How to Send a Shock Wave Through a Board?

Answer A shock wave is a sudden and violent force created by an object moving faster than the speed of sound. The result is a rapid change in pressure that produces waves capable of traveling through diff... Read More »

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How to Use a Wave Board?

Have you heard of the new sport street surfing? The board itself is a combination of a skateboard, snowboard, and surfboard!

How to Build a Full Wave Rectifier Board?

Electronic circuits are sometimes laid out on a board so they are easy to see. The process is called breadboarding and is primarily used for prototyping or for education. A rectifier converts Alter... Read More »

How to Boogie Board or Swim Into a Wave?

Have you ever seen a person with a boogie board charge into a cresting wave, and come up or out with a smile on their face? Ever wondered how you could do that?

My friend send me mobile phone through usps and Your item was processed through our CHICAGO, IL 60666 facility?

You are too paranoid. They won't update it now until it is in your hometown. If it is going via surface - that could be up to 5 days, or 2 days by air.