How to Send a Large File to Someone?

Answer Your email provider might limit the file size of those attached to an email. Therefore, an email might be undeliverable if an attached file's size exceeds the limit. However, Microsoft provides tec... Read More »

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How to Send a Large File for Free?

Email isn't always conducive to sending large files to your friends, family or colleagues. In fact, most Web-based email services have an attachment and received-file limit of 25 MB; while this is ... Read More »

How to Send a Large 1GB File to a Friend?

Email is a great way to communicate with friends and share files such as pictures or text documents. The drawback when sharing files is the size limit they place on the attachment. The average file... Read More »

I have photos in my file. When I want to send a photo by email to friend when received they are on the large s?

use will send an email to your friend with a link to download the photos at the full size

Why is the size of a jpg file stored in the memory of a digital camera very large but the same file opened in MS Paint and saved as jpg much smaller?

A jpg file stores a compressed picture. The digital cameras use a relatively weak compression in order to improve the time that it takes to process an image before saving it. Most of the compressi... Read More »