How to Send Fresh Flowers to India?

Answer Sending fresh flowers to India is as easy as sending them locally. Some international arrangements can include gifts such as a box of chocolates or a teddy bear. A florist in India will arrange and... Read More »

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Summer Flowers in India?

From the subfreezing climate of the Himalayans to warm coastal regions, the terrain of India supports many summer flowers. The summer season shines from March to May with monsoon season beginning i... Read More »

How do I dye fresh flowers?

Remove LeavesSnip off the leaves on the stems of the flowers you want to dye with small scissors. Leaves can pick up the colors of the dye, which can distract from the vibrant color of the petals t... Read More »

Flowers Exported From India?

India has a long history of flower cultivation that has blossomed into an important industry for the country. The success of India's flower industry is credited to an increase in the general well-b... Read More »

How do I press fresh flowers?

Groom the FlowersLook through the flowers to choose the freshest ones. Rule out flowers with thick and fleshy stems and leaves. Though many flowers can be pressed, the flattest ones will be easiest... Read More »