How to Send Cargo From Michigan to California?

Answer Ensuring that your package is shipped across the country safely and swiftly are the prime concerns of any shipping service. The exact amount of time needed to ship varies based on the size of the i... Read More »

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Is a Michigan concealed weapon permit valid in California?

A Michigan concealed weapon permit is not valid in California. California does not recognize any other state's weapons licenses. Ironically, Michigan recognizes California's and every other states ... Read More »

Can I send paper to an inmate in California?

Most California inmates are allowed to receive a certain amount blank writing paper per month (on average 40 sheets), sent through the United States mail. A person should check with the inmate’s ... Read More »

How long does a doctor have to send somebody a bill in California?

Answer I guess it would be 2 years - statute of limitations for an oral contract

Did the military have a communications test site in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they communicated by hitting iron-filled rocks to send a signal around the world?

No, the military communication site in the Upper Pennisula is operated by the US Navy and is used for communication over super-long wave radio with submarines that are at depths below the capabilit... Read More »