How to Send Cards to Wounded Solders?

Answer After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the United States Postal Service stopped accepting letters or packages not addressed to a specific service member at a medical military facility, accord... Read More »

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How to Send Cards to Wounded American Soldiers?

Soldiers of every type like to know they have the support of their country, and wounded soldiers often need an extra boost to overcome the injuries received during their service to our country. Oft... Read More »

Do you send thank-you cards for sympathy cards received?

On One Hand: It's Not Always Necessary to Send a Thank-You CardIf the only communication or gesture you received from someone is a sympathy card, it is not necessary to respond with a thank-you car... Read More »

How to Send Christmas Cards?

One of the oldest traditions of Christmas is sending cards. They are a great way of giving a little Christmas cheer to far-away relatives. These steps will show you how to send one!

Why do we send Valentine's cards?

No one knows which legend, if any, is the true story of St. Valentine, the Christian martyr who encouraged love and marriage. His figure allowed for expressions of love which, over time, evolved in... Read More »