How to Send Apps to an iDEN Phone?

Answer An iDEN phone is an integrated-digital-enhanced network or integrated-dispatch-enhanced network phone. This means that your phone uses radio frequencies to transmit information. Even if you do not ... Read More »

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How would you set up folders for apps on an android phone to organize and clean up the apps screen For example- put all the coupon apps under one folder called coupons?

yup it does .i have the tap-out edition, pretty shure the other versions do to.

Are there any free Android IM client apps that work offline - I don't have a data package and I need to send IMs via AT and T's phone network.?

What is an iDEN cell phone?

An Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) phone is a type of cellular telephone that operates on iDEN networks. In the United States, certain Sprint Nextel phones operate on an iDEN network.Ref... Read More »

How to Unlock a RIM BlackBerry 7100i Sprint Iden Cell Phone?

For your BlackBerry 7100i cell phone to work with other networks besides Sprint, it must be unlocked. Unlocking the phone means removing the SIM card, inserting one from your new provider and enter... Read More »