How to Sell a Used Lawn Mower?

Answer Almost every weekend you will see your neighbor outside mowing their lawn. Lawn mowers are used to keep your front lawn well-manicured. The purpose of selling your used lawn mower is to get the hi... Read More »

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How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades on a Commercial Lawn Mower?

Keeping lawnmower blades sharp does more than just cut grass better; it prevents damaging the lawn. Lawnmower blades will obviously become dull over time. Dull blades have a tendency to tear the to... Read More »

Can mineral spirits be used as a gas substitute in a 2 stroke lawn mower engine?

Why not just get a cow?! Then you don't have to mow at all and you can get the milk for free!

Which spark plug should be used in a Kohler 15 hp lawn mower engine?

The standard replacement spark plug for a Kohler 15 hp lawn mower engine is Champion model RC12YC or the equivalent in another brand. Engines that are Radio Frequency Interference, or RFI, complian... Read More »

Which lawn mower blade sharpener fits my mower Help me out !!!?

electric lawn mowers, don't have sharpeners ,they are throw away when well used, this is why they are so cheap you throw them out at end of summer and buy new one in the springtry a grindstone if ... Read More »