How to Sell Your Old Unused Gold?

Answer Gold's sky-high price in 2011 prompted many consumers to dig out Grandma's jewelry box in the hopes of finding thousands of dollars in hidden assets. Be wary, however: many cash-in operations offer... Read More »

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Can I sell unused AA airline tickets?

No airline ticket can be sold, even if unused. If you have an airline ticket, it has your name on it. No one else can use your ticket, and you can't transfer it.References:eBay Guides: Airline Trav... Read More »

How do I sell unused cell phone minutes?

Once cell phone minutes have been put on a phone, they cannot be taken off of that particular phone. In order to cell unused phone minutes, the activation code for the minutes has to have never bee... Read More »

How to Sell My Old Gold?

Selling your unwanted gold jewelry or scrap gold is a fast way to make some cash. Most pawn shops and jewelry stores will readily buy gold pieces and jewelry, and will usually provide with a quote... Read More »

How can i sell gold?

You've seen the commercials where a pitchman tells you that you can sell unwanted gold by dropping broken necklaces into an envelope and sending them to him. Unfortunately, when selling scrap gold,... Read More »