How to Sell Fudge for a Living?

Answer Creamy fudge requires a confectioner with knowledge of the chemistry involved in making this old-fashioned favorite. Starting a business making fudge requires business knowledge, some capital and a... Read More »

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Did Duncan MacLeod supposedly sell the dojo he had been running and living in over at the United States after spending a whole year in a monastery before Season 6 of the TV show Highlander?

They never exactly mentioned that- but it is quite possible he had that taken care of.

Your husband is selling digital cameras for a living Some of his buyers are photographers who also do nude photography Is is permissable for him to sell cameras to such people knowing what they will?

Well, heres a thought....just to get the naked girls out of your head you perv! Chances are.. he works on commission. And chances are.... that commission makes a HUGE difference in his pay check. S... Read More »

Whats the hardest part about living with diabetes...diabetics ONLY or people living with a diabetic?

For me it's having to be constantly aware of everything I put in my mouth, all my activity, and keeping my stress levels down. Basically that I never get a break from all this...wouldn't it be nic... Read More »

Are you an unfit mother if you are not working living at home with your parents and living off of the child support that you get?

Always asking yourself the same question I wonder and wonder everyday am Ian unfit mother? I do not do drugs, or alcohol, a 100 % of my time for the babies( dad deployed), clean clothes , healthy... Read More »