How to Sell Digital Images on the Web?

Answer Selling digital images online is a large and growing business. As more websites come into existence, the need for royalty-free digital images will increase. Most of these websites and companies pur... Read More »

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How has the use of digital technology (digital images) have changed our way of life?

Well, for one thing, being able to take a picture and have it ready to use in a matter of seconds is convenient. The speed at which the image is ready for use contributes to how fast it can be sha... Read More »

How to Use XnView with Your Digital Images?

The tools of XnViewThere are many programs available for use to deal with our images. Some cost a lot of money, others are shareware, and still others are free. XnView is one of the free ones and i... Read More »

Is it illegal to put internet downloaded images on my own website for eg. funny images/ celebrities images.?

It shouldn't be risked.Unless you have permission, you should never do so without permission, else you risk yourself of getting into trouble with the website/company/organization -- which means leg... Read More »

How to Organize Digital Images With XnView?

If you have a digital camera, you will find your photo collection getting away from you. XnView can help you get it under control fairly easily.