How to Sell Dental Gold in San Francisco?

Answer If you have dental gold that you have kept from past tooth extractions, you can sell it. People who wish to do so in San Francisco can sell it to jewelers, metal refineries, or at a pawn shop. Know... Read More »

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Where can I sell my standard television in San Francisco?

Do not expect a lot for them, standard television have a pretty low resale value.If you still think they are worth it, try posting them on craigslist.

How to Sell Historical Photos of 1905-Era San Francisco?

If you have photographs of San Francisco dated 1905 or earlier, you may be sitting on a historic gold mine -- the Great Earthquake that permanently altered the city's landscape happened in April ... Read More »

How much gold is in dental gold?

High quality dental gold is composed of 79 percent pure gold. A crown made with high quality dental gold will typically contain 18 carats of gold. Less expensive crowns may be 10 carats or less. So... Read More »

How much does dental gold cost?

According to, the price for a gold tooth generally ranges from $600 to $1,050. Larger dental practices within cities will usually charge the highest prices compared with smaller... Read More »