How to Self-Critique Informative Speeches?

Answer Becoming a good public speaker is a continual process of analyzing yourself to improve your skills. During a speech you may not be able to assess how well you delivered it, or if your audience was ... Read More »

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Types of Informative Speeches?

Informative speaking requires the delivery of an organized speech based on thorough research. The person who delivers the speech offers useful, interesting and little-known information about a topi... Read More »

Informative Speeches on Technology?

Technology's far-reaching impact touches just about everything in society, and informative speeches about technology can help audiences understand that influence. Speakers can rely on government re... Read More »

Public Speaking Topics for Informative Speeches?

Informative speeches provide opportunities to speak on a number of topics, though the specific occasion will usually dictate the topic of the informative speech. If the occasion concerns the growth... Read More »

How to Cite Speeches?

Citing a speech in a paper or research document adds credibility as well as individual flavor. Proper formatting is, however, essential due to the intangible nature of a speech in comparison with a... Read More »