How to Select the Proper Engine Oil Weight for Your Temperature Range?

Answer Critical to the long life and general maintenance of your car is selecting the proper oil weight for the engine and for the climate around your home. If the oil is too heavy, it won't run in the wi... Read More »

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How to Select Proper Prop Sizes for Your Boat?

Prop size, the diameter and pitch of your boat's propeller, influence your engine's performance and efficiency, whether that engine is an inboard, inboard/outboard or an outboard. Because of potent... Read More »

How do you stop your husband to talk about weight in front of your 12 year old daughter when her doctor says she is ok for her height in 50percentile range?

One Suggestion Make an appointment for your husband to discuss the issue with the doctor, or ask the doctor to write a letter explaining the situation and the dangers of your husband continuing to ... Read More »

How do I Select Proper Baby Shoes?

Baby feet aren't just adorable, they're different than adult feet. A baby's foot has 26 soft and pliable bones that are not fully developed. Instead of an arch on the sole, a baby foot has a pad of... Read More »

How to Select the Proper Scrapbook Paper?

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