How to Select an Auto Battery?

Answer Automotive batteries are based on a saturated lead-acid, zinc alloy design that was pioneered in the 19th century. Many improvements have been made over the decades, making them last longer and req... Read More »

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How to Wire an Auto Generator to Charge an Auto Battery?

Most automobiles use alternators instead of generators to produce electricity to charge a battery as they are more efficient, require very little maintenance and produce a higher electrical output ... Read More »

Deep Cycle Battery Vs. Auto Battery?

Twelve-volt electrical systems often make use of lead-acid secondary cell batteries. Two types of batteries are typically used for a 12-volt electrical system -- automotive batteries and deep-cycle... Read More »

How to Select the Right Auto Insurance Company?

An automobile, be it a car, motorcycle or even a boat, is a major investment for many of us. When we do buy a car, for example, we take every care to ensure that it remains in a proper condition. I... Read More »

How to Select an Auto Body Shop?

As the economy in America worsens, competition for your business becomes fierce. This is especially evident in the auto repair industry.