How to Select a Specific Cell in VBA?

Answer Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a programming language specifically designed for Microsoft Office applications such as Excel. If you have a procedure that you perform over and ov... Read More »

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Battery Cell Specific Gravity Vs. Capacity?

Lead acid batteries have been used as a source of electrical power for over 100 years. There are multiple ways in which charge is measured, including battery capacity and specific gravity.

I want a new cell phone but do i have to get one specific to my network?

generally, yes, it's easier to buy a cell phone through your network. although there are other options... for instance an "unlocked" cell phone. these are just cell phones on ebay or other privat... Read More »

How to Select a Cell Phone for Your Child?

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How to route specific mails to a specific folder in GMAIL plz help!!!?

Gmail sucks with the way they decided to design e-mail management. There is no way to achieve true filtering to a folder in the Gmail web interface. The best thing that you can do is setup labels f... Read More »