How to Select a Picture Area in HTML Code?

Answer When creating maps, mapmakers use coordinates to identify specific locations on a map. Mathematicians also use coordinates to define "x," "y" and "z" points on a grid. Web developers use coordinate... Read More »

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How Can I View the Picture if I Just Have an HTML Code for an Image?

The HTML tag includes the actual URL of an image to display on a website, in addition to other related image attributes, such as height, width and the alternative text a screen reader should say i... Read More »

How to Make a Comment Area With HTML Code?

Often when writing HTML code for a website, it is useful to leave yourself little comments and notes to help keep all that data straight. Fortunately there is a way that you can insert a comment ar... Read More »

How to Use HTML Code to Create a Text Area?

The text field of a website allows users to enter text to be submitted to the website owner. Text areas are useful on "Contact Us" pages on which website owners wish to allow users to submit commen... Read More »

What's the html code for centering text horizontally and vertically in an empty html page?

This should work: TEXT GOES HERE.Keep in mind though that you aren't centering the entire inner div but its top edge.You can also use margin: auto; to center an element in its parent element, this ... Read More »