How to Select a Diesel Exhaust Diameter?

Answer The exhaust diameter of your diesel car or truck is an important consideration because it directly affects the power of your vehicle. The wider the exhaust, the less work the engine has to do to "p... Read More »

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How to Measure an Exhaust Pipe's Diameter?

The location, shape, and size of the exhaust pipe can make it difficult to measure its diameter with conventional instruments. However, a vernier caliper's design allows you to measure the two oppo... Read More »

How to Find the Diameter of an Exhaust Pipe in an Altima?

Adding a custom exhaust to your car is a good way to gain horsepower and a more aggressive tone to the exhaust at the same time. You could go out and buy a bolt-on system for your Altima, but if yo... Read More »

How to Select Exhaust Fans?

Most kitchens and bathrooms have exhaust fans to help clear the air of unwanted odors. Fans are used in kitchens as a way of dispersing smoke and food odors, while bathroom fans vent moist air out ... Read More »

How to Buy Diesel Exhaust Systems?

Diesel exhaust systems don't only add horsepower and torque to your diesel, but can reduce exhaust gas temperatures, making your vehicle more environment friendly. These steps will help you in buyi... Read More »