How to Select a Count by Column in PHP MySQL?

Answer The MySQL "count" function is used to count the number of rows that correspond to a particular column. The result is a number. The PHP "mysql_query" function is used to send the count query, or any... Read More »

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How to Select MySQL PHP Array?

MySQL and PHP are very much alike. They are both free, open-source and user-friendly, making them a perfect match. Retrieving rows from a table in a MySQL database is done by executing a "SELECT" q... Read More »

How to Use Variables in a Select Statement MySQL?

In MySQL, you can define a variable in one statement and then use it in another. You declare variables by using the "SET @var_name = value;" syntax. When creating variables, you can use any of the ... Read More »

What does low WBC count, High Lymphocyte count and low neutrophil count mean?

Low white Blood Count this is part of the immune system to fight off disease infections and germs. Neutrophils and Lymphocytes are types of white blood cells. Abnormal low levels of WBC can cause i... Read More »

Can Lyme disease cause a low WBC count, high lymphocyte count and a low neutrophil count?

Lyme disease is a multi-system disease, which can affect many different parts of the body. Complicating things is that fact that often the tick bite transmits more than just Lyme--people may unknow... Read More »