How to Select Larger Rims & Thinner Tires?

Answer A common way to customize your vehicle is by updating your rims and tires. Although stock rims may look good on your vehicle, you have the option to change the size of your rims and tires to create... Read More »

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How to Put Larger Rims on the 2006 BMW 750 LI?

Upgrading a BMW's wheels to a larger size is becoming a popular trend among car owners today. Finding your car's maximum wheel size requires you to measure the size of your wheel well. The most imp... Read More »

Do thinner tires get better mileage?

Yes. According to Popular Mechanics in "How to Build a 100 Mile-Per-Gallon Car ... Right Now," tires for maximum fuel economy should be skinny, hard for minimum deformation and have shallow tread.R... Read More »

Can you put 205 tires on 195 rims?

A tire that is 205mm wide can be used in place of a 195mm wide tire on three conditions. First, the 205 tire must properly fit the wheel the 195 tire was removed from. Second, the width of the 20... Read More »

The Advantages of Larger Tires on Cars?

One of the simplest ways to customize a car is to put larger wheels and tires on it. This can help many cars to look sportier and more upscale. While there are downsides to larger diameter tires, t... Read More »