How to Select Distinct Rows in Access 2007?

Answer "Access 2007" is a Microsoft program that allows users to store a multitude of data. The program allows you to create rows of data for products, customers or other items. Within each database, ther... Read More »

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How to Highlight Rows in Access 2007?

When working with data in a report that you generated in the Microsoft Office Access 2007 program, you may want to apply conditional formatting. For example, you can use the formatting options in A... Read More »

How to Concatenate Rows in Access 2007?

A simple formula will allow you to concatenate, or combine, rows in Access 2007. The formula is placed in a blank field, which will be used to display the end result of the concatenation. When usin... Read More »

Is their a activex option on access 2007 that lets you select a file?

I do not believe there is something already established. But you can easily create the code to do this. And it works even better if the data is always in a particular format on the MS-Excel works... Read More »

How to Select Alternate Rows on a Spreadsheet?

Ever wanted to select every other row i.e. alternate rows? Perhaps you want to apply a background color to them. Maybe you want to delete them. Attempting this manually on hundreds of rows is a was... Read More »