How to Select Colored Contacts?

Answer Contacts have come a long way from the clear and light blue tinted lenses of a few decades ago. Now you can find contacts in shades ranging from amber and Caribbean aqua to violet and jade green. T... Read More »

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I cant get my colored contacts in my eye?

I have the same problem just try to relax

Help on eye colored contacts?

Im pretty new at this so bear with me, but my eye doctor ordered my contacts. I dont know if they do the colour ones but I am sure that they do. They want to make money too so they usually sell g... Read More »

I want colored contacts?

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How much are contacts colored/and for seeing?

There are many different types of contacts. You can get prescription colored or non-prescription, whichever you need. Depending on what your optometrist recommends, you may use dailies, weekly or m... Read More »