How to Segue a Sentence?

Answer To improve your writing and to make it flow better, use transitions in your sentences to help make segues between them. Make segues, or transitions, between paragraphs. This is easy to do if you ha... Read More »

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How to Master the Segue in Public Speaking?

A "segue" can be defined as a smooth transition from one topic of section to the next. As a public speaker (or even the occasional presenter), it’s important to master the segue, to ensure a smoo... Read More »

How do you put lounge in a sentence?

How do you put "lounge" in a sentence? I(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) went to the lounge.I(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) out the (object) in the lounge.I(/He/They/She/The wizard/etc.) set the loun... Read More »

How to Use Affidavit in a Sentence?

In legal circles, affidavits are sworn out when attorneys, police officers and other court officials want to preserve a person's testimony regarding a specific event. Affidavits are often written s... Read More »

How do you use abode in a sentence?

You may say, "Welcome to my humble abode." Abode means "place of residence." Another example of usage is: "I'll tell you when we arrive at my abode."