How to Segue a Sentence?

Answer To improve your writing and to make it flow better, use transitions in your sentences to help make segues between them. Make segues, or transitions, between paragraphs. This is easy to do if you ha... Read More »

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How to Master the Segue in Public Speaking?

A "segue" can be defined as a smooth transition from one topic of section to the next. As a public speaker (or even the occasional presenter), it’s important to master the segue, to ensure a smoo... Read More »

Can you put apart into a sentence?

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What Is Sic in a Sentence?

Latin was the spoken language of the ancient Roman Empire for hundreds of years, and still influences language today. Hundreds of English words come from Latin roots, and Latin words are used for m... Read More »

What does sic mean in a sentence?

"Sic," in a sentence with brackets around it, is an editing term to show readers that what they are reading is how it appeared in the original. "Sic," the Latin word for "thus," is used if there is... Read More »