How to See the Planet Mars in the Michigan Sky?

Answer Gazing into the night sky is a relaxing pastime that the entire family can enjoy. Seeing the planet Mars is a special treat for the casual observer, as it's the planet that most closely resembles E... Read More »

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Why do NASA scientists want to make a mission to the planet of Mars?

To find another planet that can support life in case Earth runs out of its resources in the future.

Which planet is the largest: Mercury, Earth, Mars or Neptune?

Of the four planets Mercury, Earth, Mars and Neptune, Neptune is the largest, followed by Earth, Mars and then Mercury. Neptune is the third largest planet in the solar system; the largest is Jupit... Read More »

You read something about how NASA was basicly gonna terraform Mars into a T3 planet is that possible?

Yes we can see the things left on "the moon" through videos and picture. However, the moon landing is probably fake.

Which planet spins fastest on its axis among Mercury, Venus, Earth&Mars?

Taking 23.93 hours, or approximately one day, to complete a rotation, Earth spins the fastest on its axis. Mars has a rotation period of 1.026 Earth days, followed by Mercury with a rotation period... Read More »