How to See Wireless Calls From the Past Two Years?

Answer Make certain you made that call by checking your call history. Mobile service providers offer the ability to check your call history online for free. Print these call records for free. All you need... Read More »

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Has the use of phone calls decreased over the past few years with the creation of facebook?

Well they may not actually call each other on their high tech phones, but they use the phones for texting , twitter and facebook !

How do I amend taxes from past years?

Visit the IRS WebsiteOpen your Internet browser, go to a search engine, type in "IRS Amended Tax Returns," and click on the first result. Make sure you are on the actual Internal Revenue Service w... Read More »

I have been pregnant 5 times in the past 2 years and i am 13 what should you do?

ask your self the following1. were you raped, if so tell police2. what country are u in3. is there someone who can help while your preg4. dont have sex if you are choosing to do so5. who with

Breastfeeding past 2 years old=bad parenting?

The natural weaning age for breastfeeding children is between the ages of 2 and 8, 3 being the average. The WHO recommends "breastfeeding should continue after two years of life as long as mutually... Read More »