How to See Where Planets Are at Any Time?

Answer To identify the exact position of any object or planet in our solar system at any given point in time, you need to use a sky map. A sky map is a computer generated map that takes your location into... Read More »

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Where do damocloid minor planets orbit?

Damocloid minor planets have orbits similar to comets--elliptical with one end of the orbit passing close to the sun and the other end extending toward the edge of the solar system. It is believed ... Read More »

Where can I see videos taken on other, civilized planets?

The movie of the first descent down to Titan (Saturn moon):…My company built the radar tube for the Huygens probe (Cassini mission). I remember still when ... Read More »

Where on the celestial sphere would you look for planets?

A globe that contains all the stars in space as seen from Earth is called the celestial sphere. Locate the line that circles the celestial sphere called the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the projection... Read More »

Was it true that NASA discovered planets where life exists?

No. NASA is not in the planet discovering business. That is done by others. NASA does send up stuff like the Hubble etc. but I think it is JPL that actually runs it. Oh, and there has never been an... Read More »