How to See If the Motor Is Locked Up on a Ford 8N Tractor?

Answer Ford 8N tractors were first produced in 1947 and improved on previous models by the addition of a four-speed transmission. Older models were equipped with three speeds, and the added cog on the 8N ... Read More »

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How to Change the Motor Oil in an 8N Ford Tractor?

The motor oil inside of the 8N Ford Tractor protects all of the internal parts inside the engine. The oil is pumped out of the oil pan by the oil pump and travels into the oil filter. The oil filte... Read More »

What is the motor oil capacity for a Ford 8N tractor?

According to Tractor Data, the engine of the Ford 8N tractor has a motor oil capacity of 6 quarts, or 5.7 liters. This is true for both the standard gasoline engine and the distillate variant.Sourc... Read More »

Tractor problem!! there is a old 3 wheel tractor on my farm from the coventry victor motor company?

It could be a 'Newman' - some of those had a Coventry Victor engine.See the link below, the second one in the list / photos, model Newman AN3.Edit - more pictures added, a large version of the firs... Read More »

How to Unseize a Locked Up Outboard Motor?

Outboard marine motors can suffer a number of maladies that cause hard-starting or no-start conditions, but they usually turn over via the pull start or electric starter. One of the more serious pr... Read More »