How to Search to Find if an Invention Is Patented?

Answer Is your idea for an invention original? Has someone else already patented the idea? These are questions that inventors need to answer before wasting their time and money on a project which is alrea... Read More »

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How to Find Out If Your Mixed Drink Is Patented?

People come up with new and original ideas every day, or so they think. If you have an original idea that you would like to patent, you will first need to make sure that no one else has legally cla... Read More »

How to Find a Manufacturer for Your Invention?

An invention finds its full purpose when made commercially available to the public. Even if you have successfully protected your intellectual property with a patent, it is unlikely it will enter m... Read More »

How Can I Find a Manufacturer for My Invention?

A manufacturer turns a product invention into reality. Ideally, you want to find a company that commits to producing your concept into a finished product and that knows how to sell it through large... Read More »

How does a person find a company to build their invention?

Sometimes the remote just won't respond, and I have to turn the POWER on at the tv set. Then I often spin them, tap the remote LIGHTLY on my desk, and voila they do last a little longer.Another tip... Read More »