How to Search the Meanings of Names & Surnames?

Answer Surnames and given names can tell you a lot about a person. Given names can hint to the parents' aspirations for their children, while surnames can clue you in on a person's family history. And wit... Read More »

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Name sextuplets using surnames for first names!?

Graham Whitney (boy)Addison Russell (boy)Avery Marshall (boy)Reid Morgan (boy)Clark Harrison (boy)Bennett Reese (boy)As you can tell, I prefer surnames on boys. On girls they aren't really my style... Read More »

Pick the names based off the meanings?

Interesting! I wanna play! :DHusband ~ 2. Narrow land, handsomeFirst Baby Girl ~ 4. Grace of GodSecond Baby Girl ~ 4. Fortunate, blessed.Baby Boy ~ 1. Bright fameI can't wait to find out what names... Read More »

Chinese Fish Names & Meanings?

Over the centuries the Chinese have developed a system of symbols and values related to the natural world. One of the animals of great significance in Chinese culture is the fish. Fish can symboliz... Read More »

How to Look Up Names by Their Meanings?

Given names have a wide variety of different meanings. Some are derived from specific personality traits. The name "Fido" for example, comes from the latin word for "faithful." Some are named after... Read More »