How to Search for an Artist on iTunes?

Answer iTunes is a digital music player and file management system developed by Apple Inc. iTunes can store all music files found on your computer in the iTunes library, making it easy to find and play yo... Read More »

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When you buy a song on iTunes does the artist profit?

The music in the iTunes store is supplied by license from the record companies. Songs purchased from the iTunes store will benefit the artists in a similar way as purchasing a CD from a regular store.

How to Sort a Playlist on Your iPod by Title or Artist Using iTunes?

While you can view your music sorted in any order in iTunes itself, music on an iPod Playlist is displayed in the order it was added to the list. What do you do when you want to find a specific son... Read More »

Do you prefer buying albums from itunes or ordering from the official artist's website Why?

The artist's website· iTunes, along with all Apple products, is horribly locked in and not worth using· CDs will be mine forever and may be ripped into whichever formats I like - including lossle... Read More »

How to Search iTunes for a Specific Podcast?

Have you ever wanted to just listen to a podcast. What is A Podcast? A podcast is a multimedia digital file made and available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, ... Read More »