How to Search Your Internet Browsing Habits by IP Address?

Answer Your Internet protocol address is the address that is assigned to your computer when it accesses the Internet. Generally, this address is used on a region-to-region basis. For instance, people in P... Read More »

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Can you view your android internet browsing online?

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How does internet safety impact your online browsing?

It impacts me a lot actually. I'm often concerned about stories I hear about viruses that people get from going to bad internet sites. It's difficult to know what to click on and what not. Also I t... Read More »

Do all search engines track browsing?

In general, search engines track different aspects of browsing from user addresses to terms entered. However, Ixquick is one search engine that does not record the user IP address. It is the first... Read More »

How do I delete browsing history search?

Enter Your Browser OptionsSelect the "Tools" menu at the top of your screen and click "Internet Options."Select the Appropriate TabSelect the "General Tab" if using Internet Explorer, the "Privacy"... Read More »