How to Seal or Expunge a Record?

Answer Having a criminal record can prevent you from getting a job, renting out an apartment or getting credit or a loan. In some cases, however, it may be possible to have your prior criminal misdemeano... Read More »

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How to Expunge a DC Criminal Record?

Expungement removes all traces of a criminal charge from your records. No person or agency is permitted to use an expunged record for any purpose, so expungement restores a defendant as if the arre... Read More »

How do i expunge an arrest record?

Determine EligibilityConsult a qualified criminal law attorney or review your state's expungement statute requirements to determine eligibility. Most arrests that do not result in a conviction are ... Read More »

How to Expunge an Arrest Record?

The laws vary by state, but arrest records can be expunged on a number of different legal grounds. It's especially important to make sure a record is expunged if you were never convicted of the cri... Read More »

Can I expunge my own record from 1996?

Many states allow you to expunge your criminal record. Some states allow you to expunge misdemeanors while others allow felony expungements as well. You must consult the statutes of the state where... Read More »