How to Seal an Engine Oil Leak?

Answer In an automobile's engine, the gasket in between the vehicle's oil pan and engine block prevents the engine from leaking oil. After extensive use, however, this gasket can degrade and allow oil to ... Read More »

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How To Fix The Rear Main Engine Seal With Bar's Leak?

Engine rear main seals and front seals wear out with age, become brittle and shrink. As a result, these rubber or fiber material seals allow oil to bypass them to the exterior of the engine. Rear a... Read More »

How to Seal an Oil Leak?

Engine oil lubricates the engine's internal moving parts, helps remove and control heat, and increases the life of the engine. Engine oil suspends dirt particles, blow-by (gases and particles produ... Read More »

How to Seal an Oil Pan Leak?

The price of oil has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Oil leaks are not cost-effective, and can do damage to vehicle's engine if they are excessive. Drops or puddles of oil in a ga... Read More »

How to Seal an Oil Leak With Silicone?

Older engines and those that suffer under extreme conditions of hot and cold typically manifest oil-leak issues over time. While carbon gaskets are standard parts used to seal between engine parts ... Read More »