How to Seal an Arrest Record in California?

Answer If you've been arrested in California but never convicted, you may be able to have the record of your arrest sealed and destroyed once two years have passed. Section 851.8 of the California Penal C... Read More »

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How do i seal an arrest record in virginia?

Application ProcessDetermine if you are eligible to have your records sealed. You must have been acquitted, had the case dismissed, been arrested but not prosecuted or granted an absolute pardon. Y... Read More »

Who is qualified to seal and destroy arrest records?

The arresting agency is the only one qualified or able to destroy or seal your arrest record, whether a conviction occurs or not. A judge can order that these records be sealed, especially as part ... Read More »

How to Expunge an Arrest Record?

The laws vary by state, but arrest records can be expunged on a number of different legal grounds. It's especially important to make sure a record is expunged if you were never convicted of the cri... Read More »

How do i expunge an arrest record?

Determine EligibilityConsult a qualified criminal law attorney or review your state's expungement statute requirements to determine eligibility. Most arrests that do not result in a conviction are ... Read More »