How to Seal a Soft Plastic Ball?

Answer Plastic balls can break often because of their weak structure and material. They most often break when they are deliberately misused or played with in a manner other than what is intended by the ma... Read More »

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How to Install Soft Seal on a Convertible Top?

Weather strips are pieces of rubber material that are used to fill the linings of doors, windows and other joints in your car to prevent excess wind, air drafts, rain and other weather elements fro... Read More »

How to Seal a Plastic Gas Tank?

When cars were first invented, metal gas tanks ruled the road. But as things progressed, plastic became a cheaper alternative that was also lighter. The only problem with a plastic gas tank is what... Read More »

How to Cook to the Soft Ball Stage?

Cooking to a soft-ball stage is a term often used to describe how a drop of sugar syrup will react when it comes in contact with cold water. This stage of cooking is one of several stages used in t... Read More »

How to Get Ready for Soft/Hard Ball?

Are you always running around your house trying to find your ball glove. Then when you get to the field you realize you forgot your water. Oh no, now you can slide because you are wearing the wrong... Read More »