How to Seal a Faucet?

Answer When installing a faucet, the base is always sealed to the counter top. This prevents leaking from the counter down into the sink cabinet. To seal a faucet, all you need is a simple innovation used... Read More »

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How do I replace a seal on a kitchen faucet?

Remove the FaucetTurn off the shutoff valves under the sink. Disconnect the faucet from the hot and cold feet tubes under the sink with an adjustable wrench. Find the bolts holding the faucet in pl... Read More »

How to Seal a Faucet to a Sandstone Sink?

If you are installing a faucet on a sandstone sink -- or any other type of sink, for that matter -- sealing it prevents water from leaking into the cabinets below. This step is necessary on all fau... Read More »

What can you do if a new faucet was recently installed in the kitchen and the drain vent next to the faucet shoots like a geyser when the dishwasher is turned on?

== Answer ==My guess is your garbage disposer was also replaced and they forgot to knock out the plug before connecting the disposer hose/drainIt sounds like you have a vacuum breaker on the drain... Read More »

How to Repair a Moen Single Handle Faucet Leak Under the Faucet?

Moen is a company that has made a name for itself in terms of producing quality, average-priced plumbing fixtures and accessories. If you are noticing water leaking from beneath your Moen faucet wh... Read More »