How to Seal Your Automotive Transmission Gear Box?

Answer If your gearbox is leaking, you may need to reseal it. A leaking gearbox does not mean you have to repair the entire part, which could be costly and time-consuming. Pick up a transmission gearbox r... Read More »

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How to Fix an Automotive Window Seal Leak?

A seal leak about the windows of your automobile can be disappointing. But, it happens to many vehicles, especially with age. The urethane sealant wears down and cracks, causing a leak at the glass... Read More »

How to Put Gear Oil in a Transmission?

Putting gear oil in a transmission is required in manual transmissions. The transmission has a plug at the side of it that needs to be removed. Once the plug is removed, fluid will flow out of the ... Read More »

Transmission Automotive Tools?

Repairing a transmission isn't difficult with the right tools. Transmission tools are more specialized than typical household maintenance tools---because transmissions require tools specifically ma... Read More »

How to Figure Transmission Gear Ratio?

Automobiles typically have one of two types of transmissions: manual and automatic. Regardless of what type your car has, they both function in the same manner: they contain a number of different s... Read More »