How to Seal Linoleum Floors?

Answer Linoleum floors are known for their ease of installation and maintenance. The whole process is simple and can be done yourself. However there is an important step that you must make sure to do whic... Read More »

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How do I wax no wax linoleum floors?

PreparationOpen windows, and turn on a fan to allow maximum ventilation in the room. Put on gloves to protect your hands. Add 2 to 3 gallons of warm water to a mop bucket, and set it aside.Cleaning... Read More »

How do I clean linoleum floors?

Clean linoleum floors regularly with a damp mop. Do not use cleaning chemicals or large amounts of water, as this will damage your floor. If damp mopping is not possible, dry mopping is safer than ... Read More »

How do I repair linoleum floors?

Match the PieceFind a piece of scrap linoleum that matches the pattern on your floor. Buy a new piece of linoleum if you cannot find a scrap piece.Line up the PiecePlace the new linoleum piece over... Read More »

How to Clean Linoleum Floors?

Linoleum floors require a different cleaning process than other types of floors. By following these steps, you can have a shiny floor with minimum effort.