How to Seal Limestone Basements?

Answer Limestone is not the best choice for a basement, but sometimes there's no way around it. The problem with limestone is that it "weeps" moisture because it is so porous, so keeping a limestone basem... Read More »

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How to Seal a Limestone Floor?

Limestone, like most other natural stone tile, is porous and requires sealing to protect the tile from stains and moisture penetration. Because of the durability of the tile, you can often find lim... Read More »

What Causes Mold in Basements?

Basements are typically damp places, and high humidity promotes mold growth. Many homeowners fail to realize water is seeping into the basement; the moisture often comes through the foundation. Ins... Read More »

What is the best insulation technique for basements?

On One Hand: Exterior InsulationInsulating the exterior basement walls (putting the insulation on the outside of the foundation) can help save money on your electric bill, reduce heat loss and prot... Read More »

Why are basements more common than third floors?

Because you only have to dig one foundation--and each story you add to your house costs a LOT more than the foundation. Plus, you have to wire and plumb those upper stories, heat them, insulate the... Read More »