How to Seal Head Gaskets on Performance Engines?

Answer When a head gasket is cracked it directly affects the performance of your engine by allowing antifreeze to leak. Sealing a head gasket with block sealer will fix the problem by closing up the crack... Read More »

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Problems With Head Gaskets & Manifold Gaskets?

The head gasket seals the smooth surfaces between the head and the engine block, and the intake manifold gasket seals the surfaces between the engine and manifold. These gaskets can create addition... Read More »

How to Seal MLS Gaskets?

Head gasket designs continue to evolve. Natural material or composite gaskets sealed early engines but degraded quickly when exposed to combustion heat and chemical solvents. Solid metal gaskets pr... Read More »

Tips to Get Oil Pan Gaskets to Seal?

The oil pan gasket can sometimes continue to leak even after you have replaced it. There are several reasons it can leak, but it needs to be repaired, no matter the reason. Not only can it lower th... Read More »

About Head Gaskets?

Head gaskets serve a major purpose, and without them, or with faulty ones, car engines would run terrible, if at all. These gaskets are specially engineered to withstand extreme heat and compressio... Read More »