How to Sculpt a Topiary?

Answer The word topiary dates to the Renaissance, but gardeners have been sculpting trees and shrubs into the shapes of objects and animals since before the time of Julius Caesar. While a topiary can be m... Read More »

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Where did topiary originate?

The first topiaries decorated the gardens of wealthy citizens in Ancient Rome, a civilization that developed on the Italian peninsula. Topiaries continued to remain popular until the early 19th-cen... Read More »

How do I plant a topiary?

Indoor TopiaryMold a wire hanger or chicken wire into a desired shape. Fill a pot half with sand, then the rest with potting compost. The size of the pot depends on the desired topiary size, but it... Read More »

Plants Used for Topiary?

Topiary is the art of sculpting living plants into decorative shapes. Paintings found in the tombs of ancient Egypt suggest that topiary had very early beginnings. The first written description dat... Read More »

How do I grow an ivy topiary?

Choose MaterialsChoose an ivy species, sphagnum moss, container (if making a container topiary) and topiary form. Pick a smaller leaved ivy plant when designing a smaller topiary.Three Dimensional ... Read More »