How to Scuff Paint Your Own Car?

Answer If you have ever been in a slight fender bender or come back to the parking lot to see a dent in one of your car doors, you've probably noticed that there is some paint scratched into your car from... Read More »

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How to Scuff Paint for Respray?

Scuffing the paint of a car prior to respray is relatively easy, requiring more elbow grease than any specialized tool. The most important thing to remember when scuffing is to ensure that no gloss... Read More »

How to Take Scuff Marks Off of Car Paint?

If your car has scuff marks or scratches in the paint, you can take your car to a body shop or you can get the equipment to buff out the scuffs yourself. Doing it yourself requires some physical l... Read More »

How do I get scuff marks and dirt off the walls and doors without removing the paint?

Scuff Mark Removal?

Scuff marks are the unsightly black streaks that appear on hard floors. They're usually caused by rubber surfaces, such as shoe soles and chair bottoms. Scuff marks can appear on virtually any hard... Read More »