How to Screen a Potential Tenant?

Answer Landlords screen potential tenants to determine their suitability as a renter, and to also check that they will be able to pay the rent on time. A well designed rental application gives the landlor... Read More »

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How to Check a Potential Tenant's Credit?

Checking a potential tenant's credit will give you a snapshot of his or her financial history and can be easily done on the Internet. While it is expensive to do so, it will reduce your risk of ren... Read More »

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage to the apartment caused by the tenant?

A tenant! If they damaged something they don't own they are responsible for fixing it.

What is the difference between electric potential&electric potential energy?

Electric potential energy describes the maximum amount of energy that can be used in an interaction among two or more charged particles. Electric potential, on the other hand, is the electric poten... Read More »

Landlord shopping centre.The lease states the tenant is liable for charges for property management that the landlord incurs.Landlord appoints family company to manage.Tenant still liable?

Usually the new property management will send out a letter to the tenants announcing and introducing themselves to the existing tenants. If not, it is only a management company. They only manage th... Read More »