How to Scratch an Itch in a Cast?

Answer Casts are applied to broken bones to immobilize the breakage and prevent further injury. Casts can also be used to help torn ligaments heal. Healing can take weeks to more than a month depending on... Read More »

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Where does the itch go when you scratch it?

Technically, the nerve impusles that created the itching sensation originally does not go away. The sympton of itching is called "pruritis" and may be caused by many different ailments - e.g: rashe... Read More »

What causes an itch and why does it go away when you scratch it?

Itching is a reaction to an outside stimulus and is generally caused by the release of histamine by our immune system which causes infammation, which then causes itching.It's thought that scratchin... Read More »

When you scratch an itch where does it go?

the itch goes on to/under your finger nails, have you ever had an it by finger nail? you see the finger nails are designed to absorb itches!

Is it normal for hamsters to scratch&itch?

It is normal for hamsters to itch and scratch to an extent. If you see your hamster constantly itching its coat more often than usual, it could be a sign of mites, ringworm or a skin infection, and... Read More »