How to Scrap an Air Condenser?

Answer Air conditioners have several components: an evaporator, compressor, fan, motor and a condenser. Each of these components work together to convert gas to a liquid, which circulates through coils. T... Read More »

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Where Is the AC Condenser Located?

An AC condenser is one of several parts that work together to form a vehicle's AC system. Pressurized gases that have gone into the condenser come out of it as liquid refrigerant and are then utili... Read More »

What Is a Fridge Condenser?

The refrigerator condenser is a series of metal tubes, sometimes with fins attached, that allows the fridge coolant to diffuse heat into the outside air. Many refrigerators have their condensers on... Read More »

What Happens When I Have a Leaky Condenser?

Any air-conditioning system has three main components that must work together to produce cool air. The compressor, evaporator and condenser are the three components that perform most of this work. ... Read More »

Why vacuum in condenser?

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