How to Score Elk Horns?

Answer In 1950 a trophy scoring system was adopted by the Boone and Crockett organization as a standard for measuring and recording native North American big game. The system involves taking several horn ... Read More »

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Different Car Horns?

A horn is the voice of your car. It tells pedestrians and other vehicles to stop, move or speed up, or it may announce your arrival before a date. Though most car horns sound fairly similar to each... Read More »

Types of Car Horns?

If your car horn doesn't work or if you want your car to have a different sound, you can switch the horn easily by swapping the wires. Car horns come in a variety of sounds, from a baritone to a sq... Read More »

What cow has the biggest horns?

The ancient Ankole-Watusi breed of cattle have the longest and biggest horns of any breed of cattle in the world. Their horns can grow up to 5 feet long, or 1.5 meters. The breed originates from Af... Read More »

Do deer have horns?

The North American deer species do not have horns; instead, they have antlers. Male deers develop antlers that start to grow in spring and shed after the breeding season, with the females of the ca... Read More »