How to Score Elk Horns?

Answer In 1950 a trophy scoring system was adopted by the Boone and Crockett organization as a standard for measuring and recording native North American big game. The system involves taking several horn ... Read More »

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Laws on Car Horns?

Your car's horn, so accessible on the steering wheel beneath your hands, looks and feels like an easy and effective way to communicate displeasure towards another driver or pedestrian. But its appa... Read More »

Anatomy of Cow Horns?

Horns on cattle are used primarily for defense, or by males for fighting during mating season. Both females and males can have horns, depending on the particular breed. Probably the most famous hor... Read More »

Types of Car Horns?

If your car horn doesn't work or if you want your car to have a different sound, you can switch the horn easily by swapping the wires. Car horns come in a variety of sounds, from a baritone to a sq... Read More »

How do car horns work?

A car horn serves several purposes. Its main purpose is to attract attention, be it to say hello to a passing friend or to express your displeasure at the driver who cut you off. The mechanics of a... Read More »