How to Scare Away a Bumblebee?

Answer Bumblebees are not only cute, but they are important for the environment. They are active in spreading pollen from flowers and other plants. Although bumblebees are beneficial for the environment, ... Read More »

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Can gardeners help revive bumblebee numbers by buying a bumblebee colony to put in their garden....?

I have 3 bumblebee nest boxes placed around my garden. Last year they were all primed with sugar solution and nesting material. So we found a bumblebee had nested on the floor of our garden shed ... Read More »

How to Scare Away a New Teacher?

Maybe your favorite teacher just left and the replacement is less then perfect at filling the previous teacher's shoes, or maybe a certain teacher just drives you nuts and you want someone better! ... Read More »

How to Scare People Away?

Is someone really bothering you? Have you tried everything to get them to stop? Now is the time to scare them away.This tactic will not work for everyone.

How to Scare Away Woodpeckers?

Whether a woodpecker is searching for bugs in your trees or punching holes in your wooden siding, scaring away the bird keeps the damage to a minimum and may prevent the bird's return. Commercial w... Read More »