How to Scan a Chrysler Code?

Answer Chryslers manufactured before 1996 come equipped with an on-board diagnostics I computer (OBD I) that retrieves and stores all trouble codes sent to it from various sensors positioned throughout th... Read More »

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Chrysler Code 168.4?

Chrysler, an American auto manufacturer, was founded in 1925. Despite its rich tradition, Chrysler's vehicles are not exempt from mechanical problems. You can safeguard against potential issues by ... Read More »

Chrysler Code P2175?

Chrysler, an American auto manufacturer, began business in 1925. Despite the manufacturer's rich automotive tradition, Chrysler vehicles are not exempt from mechanical issues. Chrysler owners and p... Read More »

Chrysler Fault Code 340?

There are car diagnostic tools you can purchase for your home garage, allowing you to plug the device into a universal jack in your Chrysler's engine compartment. However, there are a few codes you... Read More »

Chrysler Diagnostic Code 42?

Like most brands of cars, Chrysler has a set of fault codes that can indicate a problem with the vehicle. Codes ranging from 11 to 55 deal with parts of the fuel injection control units from 1984 t... Read More »