How to Scale Down to Model Size?

Answer Building models is a very common project in the architectural field. Many times, architects will need to build a model to give the client a good idea of how their structure will look. People typica... Read More »

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What size are 00 scale model trains?

Model trains in the OO scale are 1/76 actual size. This means that 1 foot in actual size is equivalent to approximately 4 mm in OO scale. The track gauge for OO scale trains is 16.5 mm.References:H... Read More »

How much would 1 mile of n scale model train scale track cost?

Okay, a mile in N-Scale would be 33 feet. Atlas N-scale Flex Track is $4.25 for 30 inchesSO, 33 feet turned to inches is 369 inches... now divide that by 30 inches and that gives you 13.2 lengths ... Read More »

What is a scale model?

A scale model is a precise representation of an object in a different size. Scale models can be smaller or larger than the actual object, but always contain measurements in the same proportion. For... Read More »

What Is the Definition of a Scale Model?

A scale model is a smaller replica of a larger object. These representations are often used for visual aid or testing the design of an object, such as a vehicle or building, in an early stage of de... Read More »